Janpath, A Journey

As a group, we were required to create a book or a magazine on Adobe Indesign for our Communication-Aided Design class. We were expected to write a step-by-step design process of this module. All the group members contributed towards it in small or big ways. I handled the designing, editing and compiling of the undertaking along with content writing.

At first, we decided upon a colourful layout considering Janpath has an extremely energetic environment. Soon after, we realized a black and white layout would be more profound and user-friendly. We used simple fonts, namely, “Perpetua Titling” and “Baskerville Old Face” for the titles and content, respectively. The font size was required to be less than 14 points, so we adhered to it and stuck to 13.

We included our observations and personal tit-bits, sketches, doodles, pictures, and our current areas of opportunity. It is an interesting read; if you wish to understand the design process in-depth, please click on the link below! Thanks for reading my blog! Cheers!



Print, Paper, Pleat

My design brief was clear. It was time to put my thoughts into action.  I started by sketching different products that one finds at Adarsh Stores. I drew food as well as make up products. Once done, I transferred the drawings to my computer and vectorized them to ensure scalability. Then, I designed various prints and printed them out on A4 and A3 sheets.


New Doc 7_2

Some of my Prints


I watched tutorials and applied basic knowledge to create bags out of the printed sheets in (as mentioned before) two categories, namely, make up and food.

Once finished with the simple printed bags, it was time to craft packages that could be bought for gifting purposes. I manipulated handmade papers using origami and other wrapping ideas to create attractive gift boxes.

New Doc 7_1

Origami Gift Box


Thank you for reading the post. Please read my next blog to acquire knowledge about the book I designed on Adobe Indesign.