Go Green

I finally established packaging as the opportunity area and plan to re-develop the packaging facet of the micro area in interesting and innovative ways.

I chose packaging over other prospects as I feel strongly against the use of plastic.I wish to see sustainable development and therefore support Green Retailing.

Packaging includes usage of  2d or 3d prints and creative campaigning as I aim to design innovative gift packages alongside regular packaging. I intend on using paper and paper products and maybe, even fabric. The packaging at Adarsh Stores is limited to non-degradable white plastic bags which is used by most vendors today. Good packaging would certainly set it apart from the rest.

I aim on creating regular packaging using different prints of the objects that I plan to draw manually and then, on software called Adobe Illustrator. Repetition, pattern and contrast are some of the Principles of Design that I plan to to utilize as design tools. I also intend  on designing packages for special purchases as I desire to challenge myself and showcase an innovative design. The use of techniques like slicing, joinery and maybe, even origami will come into play to derive fitting solutions.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks again.


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