A Range of Possibilities

Once the formative assessment was completed, it was time to look at the area of design intervention. Adarsh Stores, the micro area is a leased shop that has great scope for improvement. Firstly, the display looks confusing as the shop is occupied  by white racks on top of which products are placed in a haphazard manner. Another challenge I noticed were the counters. They are big, bulky and take up most space, leaving scarcely any room for the customers to stand and walk around. The shop also maintains a snack bar but fails to design a menu which is a basic prerequisite met by most shop owners. And last but not least, white plastic bags are used for packaging at Adarsh Stores. They are hazardous for the environment and also ruin consumer experience as there is no initiation towards brand enhancement.


There are various areas of opportunity for development at Adarsh Stores. I hope to identify and establish my opportunity area soon.

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