Trial And Error

At college, we showed one of our professors the areas we could possibly improve. She found the potted area to be interesting but thought it was much too small for five people to work on. She asserted one could only beautify it and that was a one person job or maximum two.

We moved on to the other area we had selected; the bag shop. My professor was not too keen on this one either. She explained that working on finding ways to solve a street vendor’s problems by making his base even more stable was not ethical at all. We would, in a way, be helping him sell his products illegally. She suggested that if we must work on a street vendor, we should find ways to set him up in a less permanent manner. We may possibly install a pushcart and then, find ways to improve the arrangement.

We asked her to give us some time to get back to her. We wished to go back to Janpath and look again. And she agreed.

Here are a few pictures of the market for your viewing. If you find something we could improve, please let me know by commenting below! Thanks!

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