Hunting High And Low

As the potted area was rejected, we once again headed to Janpath with our eyes wide open, desperate in search for areas needing improvement. We were required to find areas with numerous drawbacks as our ultimate objective was to create solutions with our ergonomical designs.


The Fruit Vendor

First, we came across a fruit vendor who did not have a place of his own and chose to settle next to a shoe shop, with shoe boxes on either side of his fruits. I could see a major problem there but not sure if that would be enough. As we walked further,  we found a shop with absolutely everything from sweets to groceries to books and CDs but all were kept in the most cluttered and confusing manner. I wondered how well it would do if it looked more classified and appealing. As both the catches were on the same lane, we speculated if the entire lane could be selected as our micro area.


The Everything Shop

So, these were some of the glitches we located at Janpath. Please read my next post for more!


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