Hunting High And Low 2

In my last blog, I talked about the different hitches I came across at Janpath and some ways I could improve them


As my group and I moved along the marketplace, we stopped and took a keen look at the parking lot. It was a chaos. The cars were parked haphazardly, there were cardboard boxes overflowing with garbage, and no parking authority was present.


Next, we trooped onto another street that we completely missed on our first visit to Janpath. This lane was filled with tiny shops allotted by the NDMC, selling ethnic garments and bags, predominantly. They had only a few problems. First, they didn’t have much scope for storage and second, NDMC disrupted their practices everyday by forbidding them to go beyond their tiny cubicles.


Inside the Tiny Room


And this is where my day ended. Numerous prospects on my mind, but only plausible if my teacher is of the same opinion.

Thanks for reading my new post! Stay tuned for more!



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