Our First Findings


The first time we visited Janpath to search for our micro area, we came across a number of shops or spaces that required improvement. One of those was a shop that sold ladies’ handbags. The vendors were unauthorized but in spite of that they used the branches of a tree to hang their merchandise. This seemingly helped the appearance and charm yet hanging bags on trees did more harm than good. The tree could easily wear off the bags considering it had a rough and gooey surface; also there were insects and birds living on the tree, which meant more problems with maintaining the quality of the bags. Moreover, the vendor did not have enough space for storage and stacked them in an unkempt way at the back of the shop.


The second place we noticed was a potted area in the middle of the market that was “secured” by placing chains on either side. In my opinion, these pots were stationed there to prevent street vendors from creating a base there. We chanced upon a government official who worked at the building right above the area. He stated that the pots had been placed to beautify the area and since, people steal these pots at night, they recently placed chains to protect them. We found this space to be really interesting and decided to consult our teachers and start working on it.


The Potted Area


Another Angle


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