The Big Picture

Janpath, a well-known market located in Central Delhi, near Connaught Place was collectively selected as the area for study. Now, the students were required to explore and survey Janpath and document their observations.


A Peek Into The Inner Lane

As I stepped into the market at 11 am in the morning, the market looked vacant and relaxed, opposite of what it’s known for. Slowly, vendors were coming to work, cleaning their spaces and arranging products. No one was much concerned with trying to sell us anything at this point, but just prepping for the day. Clicking pictures and doodling away, the clock soon struck 1. I noticed a significant change in two hours. The market got crowded and the vendors were pleading people to purchase their products. I saw a number of Indian women in their early twenties looking to find the best cheapest product. The products ranged from western clothes and junk jewellery to artificial flowers and old books. This of course was the situation on the inner side of the market. Outside, it was a whole other story. Small, identical boutiques that mainly catered to the needs and prices of tourists, stocked merchandise that strived to catch the “essence of India”. The merchandise included embroidered linen, Indian handicrafts, silver jewellery and souvenirs.


Symmetrical boxes

These were my early observations of the interesting Market! Read my next post for more!


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