The Transition And Thereafter

The third module called Introduction to design tools and techniques, came to an end. It helped me understand the process of design and ultimately, enabled me to arrive at concrete outcomes using my understanding of various materials

Now, my fourth and last module of this year begins. It is called Design Process. And it requires the students to take a sequential approach and implement our learning of the foundation year. It is a self-driven module in which we are first to research and collect information; then, use design process to construct possible design solutions.

Before commencing with the module: Design Process, a prerequisite was to identify the differences between design, art and craft and design, decorating and styling.

Art, for me, is simply a manner of human expression. There is art of living, art of swimming, art of anything, really. Now, design is also an art, but it is art with a purpose. It is a layout, which is the way in which the parts of something are arranged. When one parks his or her car parallel to the sidewalk, it is practical therefore, it is a good design. If she or he parks it halfway across the street that disturbs the traffic, then it is a bad design. Now, craft is creating art or design, with the use of hands which may or may not have cultural significance.

Moving over to difference between design, decorating and styling. Design is, as I explained earlier, a layout whereas styling is designing in a particular manner or form. Lastly, decorating can be described as beautifying something by adding objects or even, pictures.

Now that my concepts are clear I can commence with my process of designing!

Thanks for reading my blog, Hope you enjoyed it!



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