Was It Worth It?

The other day, my younger sis was enjoying a happy meal. I noticed the glass of coke. The cap of the glass itself was a great piece, I thought. I wondered if I could maybe, work with it. The next day, I went to Mcdonalds and asked the cashier whether it would be possible to purchase a few caps. Sadly, it was not. The manager informed me that selling any containers was against company policy. As thrifty as I am, I looked around for spare caps on the food tables but unfortunately, hardly any person had come out to eat that day. Great luck isn’t it! So, I went back and purchased four medium cokes!

I tried and failed. Always trying with 3 different colours on each cap, but just didn’t work out. I took a step back and decided to use only two colours per cap. This worked!

I used a blue, red, violet and green with yellow, initially. But, soon after, I changed that to only hues and shades of pink and blue. Even the fries I made earlier were coloured pink, blue and yellow. I observed, my mood and colour boards had been on point since I ended up using the same colours I intended to use before. I was proud of myself!



Click the link to the next blog post to know about my last two swatches!


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