The Start of Something New

Now it was time to create swatches! According to our materials teacher, Ms Asha, the more materials, the better it would be. But first, we were required to draw sketches. A task. Not because it is difficult to draw, but because drawing is not something we are used to doing right before creating something. I understood that the process of manufacturing a product was what we were being taught. So, I started sketching right away.


While going through Pinterest to find something inspiring, I came across a pack of open skittles which were arranged according to their colours. That gave me my first idea which was  to find a commercial product and form something colourful that would justify my theme as well. I thought of a number of brands available in India like Parle G, Gems, Camlin Paints, etc. Finally, I rested upon the notion of using McDonalds fry box and fries as my inspiration or product; and I sketched the different ways in which I could create anything that would expand my notion.




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