Post Its, Really?

Post its. I had numerous in varied colours. Why not create something with them, I thought. Since, we were permitted to create a surface as a swatch; I decided to do just that. I arranged the colours in diverse ways and created a rug-like surface that could also be used as a bed cover, a wall hanging or a cushion cover. After the surface was built, it looked like a rug that would be placed inside children’s play rooms or a playschool classroom.

The next day, I went up to Ms. Astha and showed her the swatches I recently made. She asked me, “why not create products that would appeal to children or things that you would see in a children’s room?.” Hmm. I wondered, why not. I had already created this colourful rug with primary and secondary colours, also recreated a fast food product that appeals to most kids nowadays, so why not go  towards the same direction!


Focussed on Pink, Yellow And Blue

Thanks for reading my post! Read the next one to know about the next swatch I created.


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