Pop Of Ideas!

POP! COLOURS! I wanted to show vibrant, bright colours in one of my swatches! I started playing with colours! Coloured freely without any expectations or careful considerations. Soon I came up with a surface with simple pop-like spots using vibrant paints. I decided to use acrylic colours to create it but it didn’t seem complete. There was something missing. Ms. Astha advised me to use some everyday object that can be seen in Pop Art so often. She said I could use safety pins or nuts and bolts. I set out to find any object that was one, used on a regular basis and two, had the potential to be the cherry to my pie.  I found nuts and bolts, paper clips, rubber bands, hair clips. Nuts and bolts, did not suit the theme at hand as they had nothing to do with children. I thought of hair clips and rubber bands but somehow they just seemed more teenager than younger kids. And, I was left with paper clips. As I was finding ways to put the paper clips to some use, a design struck my mind. Unfortunately, this design would have been difficult to incorporate into my half-made swatch. Fortunately, I conceived an idea for a new swatch.

I thought I could use the paper clips to make an interesting game of Tic Tac Toe. I coloured the O’s red and the X’s blue. I also coloured the background, a little unevenly, just to give it a slightly rustic feel, while keeping in mind that it was meant for children.


Tic Tac Toe

I consulted Ms. Astha yet again, and she provided me with new ideas. She said suggested me to use children’s blocks, or Lego parts or parts from the game “Mechanix.” I took her advice and went on a search to look for anything related to children and small parts. Hopefully, I’ll find it!


Anything Better Than Nuts And Bolts





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