Finally, Over.

Ice-cream shop inspired products. I’d thought of the theme way back in Phase 1. Something I did not completely stick with though I predominantly used the same colours, I thought I’d Use. So, for my last swatch I decided that I WILL create something inspired by Ice- cream, no matter what. Such is my love for ice- cream and such is my stubborn mind.


Some Sketches Related To Ice-Cream

And I started. Having found my Pop-Art Soul mate in Mcdonalds, I went with the theme and used one of the coke glasses that had been lying around my house (having needed to buy 4 for my other swatch). I decided to make that my cone/ cup. I used some rolled magazine paper and covered them with coloured paper. This coloured paper was painted by me, with acrylic colours and not store bought. After creating a blue, yellow, pink ice cream I decided to colour the cup as well! And this was my result!



Thanks for giving my blog a read! I hope you enjoyed it !And if you did, please share it with your family and friends!


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