Mood Sets The Colour

Inspecting Andy Warhol and masterpieces, what kind of mood did it set? And more importantly, what mood did I want to set? It all depended on what I wanted my end product to be. Initially, I had thought of creating an ice cream or candy shop inspired products. Therefore, choosing corresponding colours for my mood board were necessary. After going through some colour palettes, I decided on pink, yellow and blue. All bright, peppy and optimistic. Enough for a sugary candy shop. So I set forth on finding pop art pictures that possessed the colours, blue, pink and yellow.

After discovering a number of pictures, I started creating my mood board. I found a geometric layout to be most aesthetically pleasing, so I went with it. My board on Photoshop, same as the two boards before this.



After completing the Mood Board, My “Design Concept” teacher, Astha ma’am allowed me to create the colour board simply by using one of the pictures from my mood board. So I did. And my boards were finally ready!

colour board

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