Pop Inspo

Having used Warhol’s body of work, predominantly in my Concept Board, It was unquestionable that I would choose Andy Warhol to be my source of inspiration. His work is just so attractive, colourful and thought-provoking.

His works could be broadly placed into four categories. Celebrity portraits, commercial products, food items and animals.



His celebrity portraits made well known, distinguished personalities even more famous. He used silkscreen printing which created a defined image and allowed him to produce for the masses.

Andy thrived on the production of mass produced commercial products. His soup cans were disputably his most famous work. He tried to depict everyday objects in a different light.

Food was also a major part of his art works, though, it, more often than not, gets lost amongst his more glamorous works. Animals are also part of his repertoire though lesser known.

Apart from these, I added quotes by him, as today he is not only known as a pop artist but also as a pop-cult phenomenon. I placed a big picture of him in the centre to show the importance of his personality in his artworks. I coloured his face red, like he did with so many celebrities he illustrated.


So this was my inspiration board. To know what part of Andy Warhol’s work I used, read my next post.


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