Concept Contemplation


My concept board comprised of images that matched my perception of pop art. By the time I created a concept board, I had completed most of my research. This is why my concept of pop art was quite clear. I used blue, red and yellow as my back background as they are known to be the most prevalent colours in Pop Art. Most images I used are taken from the 1960’s pop art movement and most of out of those are by Andy Warhol.


Without realizing, I gave Mr Warhol more importance than other artists. I used his most famous works like the Campbell Soup Can, illustrated Mickey Mouse, Coke bottles and screen printed Marilyn Monroe. I chose these works because I thought his art was popular, influential and gave shape to the Pop Art movement in the United States.

When I think Pop, I instantly think of Comics and Ben-day dots, that is why I made sure of adding pictures of the same. Lips have also been part of Pop Art since Andy Warhol’s first introduction in the 1960’s.  I decided to add a picture of the famous collage by British artist, Richard Hamilton, as I found it amazing how pop art could be so different for different artists or in different countries. On one hand, Andy Warhol used bold, bright colours, and on the other Hamilton created a light toned, even bland collage showing the new commercial surge at that time.


I also added striking words that are most commonly seen in comics. They were a part of the popular culture in the 60’s and therefore, part of Pop Art. And lastly, I decided to use a picture of the modern times. The image of the girl holding a pair lips is an example of make up in pop art that has taken society by a storm in the recent years.

concept board pop

My Concept Board!

Thanks for reading my post! Do come back and read my next blog on my inspiration board.


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