Hurry up, Buttercup

It was time to make them boards! After discussing with my teacher and browsing images on the internet, I was finally somewhat ready to design some mood boards. Initially we were asked to create 5 boards. But soon, five became three, thanks to my frustrated class and my liberal teacher. But hey, I’m not complaining! This provided me with much needed time to ensure they looked substantially better.

concept board pop.jpg

My Concept Board

I began working on my concept board right away. And, it took me well over 4 days to finalize it. I needed it to look perfect!  Obviously, something had to go wrong. It turned out that the concept board was not even included in the final trio. Just my luck! Looking at the positive side though, now I had a little more experience regarding design boards and the concept, in my head, was clearer than ever.

Inspiration. Who or what inspired me in the world of Pop Art? There were many contenders. But ultimately, only the king of Pop Art came out victorious. Andy Warhol, one of the greatest artists of his times merged celebrity culture and advertisements with high art. He was an illustrator, designer and a filmmaker who continues to influence society even today. This is why; He is my design inspiration and I intend to base my project on him.


My Inspiration Board

Next up, Colour board. The first time I heard the words “Colour board”, I was instantly reminded of a colour palette. And honestly, my plan is to make just that. Without complete understanding and adequate time, it is practically impossible for me to make this board look distinctive. So, my plan, you ask? It is to create a colour palette, consult my teacher and find a way around this obstacle. I can do it!


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One thought on “Hurry up, Buttercup

  1. Hi Ananya! Quite an engaging and peppy blog.
    Could you please elucidate a bit on the relevance of the boards that you have made and also how you made them?


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