Take No.2

There I sat with a paper and a pen, thinking and rethinking my options. I was asked to choose ONE topic out of the countless cultures that exist. It could be anything. Monuments, Movements, Cinema, Indian trades. I had to select one. And I was frustrated.

goth 2

Source: Gothic Art

After scrutinizing for 2 days, I finalized three topics. Ironically, had I been given an hour, I would have chosen exactly the same! So, it was decided. Gothic Art, Pop Art and Street Art were the chosen ones.

My next task was to receive a green light from the teachers. A task that felt more like a burden in my irrational mind. My worst fear you ask? Professors absolutely detest my   choices and leave the classroom, without uttering a single word. My only hope was they wouldn’t absolutely hate it.


Source: Street Art

Next Morning arrived, and it wasn’t all that bad. Discussion went smoothly but both teachers differed in opinion. One thought, Gothic art was not easy to incorporate into a material. Makes sense. But the other loved it. Great! Now what do I do?

Solution! The most obvious one perhaps. Move to plan B, and without further considerations I did.


Though treated as a second option at first,



Source: Pop Art

Pop Art has become the only option there could be. I have been smelling, eating and breathing Pop Art. And I’ll make sure you do to.  So stay tuned as there’s a so much in store.








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