Bright-Eyed And Bushy-Tailed

Hauz Khas Village

A View of Hauz Khas Village

Plans in my head, spring in my foot. My journey started at the famous HKV market of Delhi. Hoping to stumble upon some close relatives of the Pop Art family, I stepped inside a store called Chumbak. A tiny shop, selling colourful products that would attract just about anyone’s attention. Maybe, Pop art is just that. So striking that it’s impossible to ignore once it’s caught your attention. Sure, Chumbak is more endearing than bold but the basic concept remains the same. It is the use of popular culture to create art. And after much scrutinizing, I arrived upon a conclusion that Pop Art is just that. It is the art of popular culture.

What more could I learn? What sources could I find? Brainstorming ideas felt like the best option in hand. Books, videos and articles. The three most credible sources, they said. I started with the first, books. Books on Pop Art would have been fatiguing to find had it not been for the college library. I found not one but two books on Pop Art and it felt ecstatic! However, soon I realized that comprehending two books in two days was clearly not my cup of tea. And, my frustrated self turned to other sources like videos and documentaries. This was the best decision I could make. Videos gave me an opportunity to know my art without complicating it. It provided information while managing to make it engaging. We have been friends ever since.

Apprehending the concept was fairly easy.  Using that understanding to build something was not going to be. We were asked to create different design boards and I had little to no understanding of them. Thankfully, I had a class with my teacher the next day. And I hoped to clear all my doubts regarding this project! I was soon going to make some beautiful design boards.

Thanks for reading this post! Click on the link below to find out what happened next!



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